6 essential skills for HR professionals

RH do Futuro

If you are an HR professional, you need to follow market trends to stay relevant. This is why HR needs to be future focused. In this article, we will highlight the skills that have become essential to build successful and adaptable HR teams.

The HR of the past

The HR of the past, the traditional HR, does solely admin work. Before, HR was mainly responsible for hiring, paying and firing employees. Occasionally workplace disputes would also rely on HR for resolution. However, it remained mostly a reactive area, that acted only when absolutely necessary.

The HR of the future

While the old responsibilities remain, the future of HR stretches beyond them, actively engaging with the company’s goals and culture. HR professionals must take center stage in the company, contributing to strategy and managing talent accordingly to achieve the organization’s goals.

6 essential skills for HR professionals

Managing the organizational structure of the company

Employees expect a clear path within the company regarding responsibilities and opportunities for growth. HR is responsible for constructing this organizational structure alongside company leaders and communicating it clearly to all employees.

Managing knowledge within the company

HR is not the only sector that needs to be constantly updating itself. Nowadays there are new strategies, technologies and managing styles emerging at an incredible rate. All company employees must have support in order to learn these new practices and remain a relevant asset to the organization. In this scenario, HR is responsible for promoting knowledge, making sure the employees have resources – such as courses, tools, and mentoring – in order to expand their capabilities.Como mencionado anteriormente, o RH do futuro precisa estar sempre qualificado e acompanhar as tendências do mercado para que ele seja um bom profissional.

Promoting innovation within the company

Studies have consistently shown that innovative companies achieve more success in the long run. This is why fostering innovation is so important. And HR can help to create an environment in which employees feel comfortable and safe voicing their opinions and ideas – a key to creating an innovative mindset.

Using technology to support processes

The use of technology has increased exponentially in the last decade, as softwares, platforms and machines have greatly supported growth in companies. Thus, HR must incorporate new technologies in their day to day to optimize processes, specially those that require repetitive activities, such as CV screening.

Help define and maintain the company’s identity

A company’s organizational culture, its values and goals are all just words if they aren’t in fact lived by those who form the team. This is why HR has a crucial part in shaping a company’s identity. Communicating and upholding the company’s values, as well as making sure those who are hired are aligned with them, are all ways the HR team can help maintain the organizational culture as the company grows.

Another important HR has is regarding the external image of the company when it comes to hiring processes. Taking care of employer branding and making sure candidates have a positive experience, even if they don’t get hired, is important in order to communicate the right image to the public.

Analyzing data

The strategies and processes adopted by a company can generate a large amount of data, which, if properly analyzed, can provide valuable insights to support further action. The ability to glean these insights from data is thus key to success, and it is no different for HR.

There are, of course, tools that can support this data analysis. Artificial intelligence, for example, is capable of processing large amounts of data in a matter of seconds, and can deliver important conclusions to support decision making in HR processes, such as hiring and talent management.

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