6 ways to foster innovation in the workplace

6 formas de estimular a inovação no trabalho

Innovation has been a popular topic in the workplace for quite some time. It has become a key element in solving all kinds of business, career and development issues. The idea is to transform companies’ cultures, fostering innovation at every level of the organizations.

The ability to innovate is the biggest business advantage you can have today. There are many ways companies can innovate, through developing new products, finding more efficient channels, optimising costs or finding new clients.

What does an organization that fosters innovation look like?

In order to promote innovation within the workplace, creativity, communication and constant contact between leaders and team members are key. The workplace must be a safe environment to experiment and learn.

Below are some elements that contribute to that environment:

  • People are valued as sources of knowledge;
  • Collaboration is valued and rewarded;
  • Open communication is the norm;
  • Flexibility and productivity go hand in hand;
  • Conversations and ideas that take place during coffee breaks can be valuable;
  • Less hierarchy when it comes to ideas and solutions;
  • Sharing knowledge is always encouraged.

How can organizations foster innovation?


All actions that promote innovation can and should be boosted by technology. The use of tools such as Slack and Zoom can help companies have strong and open communication, and stimulate dialogue between all employees.

The adoption of new technologies can also create new opportunities by optimising existing processes. In hiring processes, for example, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence can make the process more efficient and assertive.


To foster innovation, you need to create a safe space with open communication and experimentation, with no fear of failure. Employees need to be able to share their ideas, opinions and different points of view. This space will be crucial to gather insights and find new opportunities for growth.

Listening is a key skill leaders must develop, in order to truly understand the perspectives of their teams.


Not everyone will have the necessary mindset to embrace innovation. Therefore, it’s important to invest in your employees and offer training sessions in order to encourage a more creative approach to work.

Corporate Environment

A innovative workplace must be build upon trust and respect. That is why it’s important that employees feel they can share their ideas and collaborate freely to achieve the company’s goals.

Fostering innovation also consists of prioritising the collective over the individual, with leaders being involved with their teams and not valuing ideas based on the underlying hierarchy, but the overall impact they might have in the business.

A united and aligned team that works towards the same goals is more readily equipped to solve problems and find innovative solutions.

Diversity and Inclusion

It’s difficult to arrive to different conclusions or come up with new ideas when everyone involved thinks alike. That is why having a diverse team is so essential. A more diverse workforce brings different perspectives to the table, and can result in a more creative and productive workplace.

Changing organizational culture

Fostering innovation is directly linked to a company’s organizational culture. Of course, this is a gradual change, that takes place in smalls increments and should be taken seriously by all professionals within the company, because more than a structural change, it requires a cultural shift.

It is not enough to simply tell your employees they should embrace innovation, leaders must point out how to actively innovate in practice, and make it very clear that this mindset will be rewarded. This change cannot be forceful, it must come from a genuine belief that innovation can bring better results, and that kind of trust must be built with time.

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