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6 formas de estimular a inovação no trabalho

6 ways to foster innovation in the workplace

Innovation has been a popular topic in the workplace for quite some time. It has become a key element in solving all kinds of business, career and development issues. The idea is to transform companies’ cultures, fostering innovation at every … Read More

Investir no RH

Why investing in Human Resources is essential

In the past, Human Resources might have been seen as just responsible for office parties and organizing paychecks, but as leaderships realize that people are their most important assets, HR has gained a more strategic seat at the table. As … Read More

Demissão em massa

The Great Reshuffle: what you need to know

What is the Great Resignation, or Great Reshuffle? In 2021, millions of workers choose to leave their jobs amidst the pandemic, and a term coined by Anthony Klotz  -The Great Resignation- started being used to refer to this event. An … Read More

Inclusão no processo de seleção

5 ways to make your recruitment process more inclusive

When inclusion is part of a company’s culture and goals, efforts go beyond offering job opportunities to minority groups – inclusion implies not just acceptance, but integration. In this article, we will explore what does an inclusive hiring process entails, … Read More

Indicadores de RH

KPIs you should keep an eye on during hiring processes

In the current job market, companies are competing for workers, and having a solid recruitment process is a strategic advantage. Given this scenario, it is necessary to know the key performances indicators for hiring processes, which will help identify opportunities … Read More

A experiência do candidato

Why you should care about Candidate Experience

Ensuring candidates have a positive experience during the recruitment process is extremely important, as their impressions can affect your company’s image (for better or worse). In this article, we will discuss candidate experience and how it can be used in … Read More

trabalho híbrido

Hybrid Work: Everything you need to know

You probably know about remote work, but do you know what hybrid work is? While sharing some characteristics, there two work models are different. In this article, learn what is hybrid work, its benefits and how to implement it in … Read More

Inteligência artificial no recrutamento: como usar e quais as vantagens

5 benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in Hiring Processes

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Thus, many companies have turned to this technology to improve their hiring processes – something that previously required hours of menial work to screen the best … Read More

inovação no RH

Innovation in HR

When we think about bringing innovation into a company, we need to consider the role Human Resources will play in this process. After all, HR is responsible for training and developing employees, and that includes preparing them for innovative technology … Read More


Perennials: looking beyond generations

Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers are all familiar terms. But have you heard of perennials?  The term, originally designated to describe something lasting or existing for a long or infinite time – usually plants and trees – … Read More