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Geração Z no mercado de trabalho

Gen Z and the Job Market

A new group of people is entering the workforce, bringing in new ideas about work, their needs and aspirations. The arrival of Gen Z symbolizes the rise of a new stance towards work, and even new ways to earn a … Read More

Como garantir a inclusão

Diversity and Inclusion: how to make hiring processes more inclusive

Implementing a Diversity and Inclusion initiative in the hiring process can help the company become more plural, productive, innovative and also helps reduce structural inequalities that have disproportionally affected minorities.  In a space without diversity, everyone is very similar, has … Read More

Mulheres e o mercado de trabalho

How the pandemic affected women in the workforce

The Covid-19 pandemic has deeply affected our economy, and aggravated inequalities across the globe. Women have been disproportionally affected by the crisis – four times as many women as men dropped out of the labor force in September 2020, roughly … Read More

Tendências para o RH

HR Trends for 2021 and beyond

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we work in a remarkably short amount of time. Working from home, training employees online, and choosing to have virtual meetings instead of travelling for business became the norm.  And with all … Read More

O teste de perfil está entre os meios mais precisos de prever o desempenho, pois pode determinar até que ponto um candidato se alinha com a vaga.

Assessments: What are the benefits in Hiring Processes?

In any hiring process, recruiters want to gather as much relevant information of the candidates as possible. However, CVs and interviews alone may not provide the depth needed to identify the best candidates. This is where hiring assessments come in. … Read More

Usar a Inteligência Artificial para otimizar processos faz sentido para os líderes e investidores que operam em um mundo tecnologicamente avançado.

Artificial Intelligence: Should you develop technology in-house or hire a provider? 

The economic challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic have not halted investments made in artificial intelligence technology. In fact, many companies increased their investments in AI in response to the current health crisis.  A report by the Mckinsey Global Institute … Read More

Um RH estratégico é diferente de um RH considerado “tradicional”, pois otimiza a gestão de pessoas e embasa as tomadas de decisão com análises de dados.

Strategic HR: What is it, and how can your team be more strategic?

As attracting and retaining top talent becomes a competitive advantage in a global economy, organizations are redefining the role Human Resources has in business strategy.  Moving beyond the traditional and more administrative services of organizing payrolls, hiring and firing employees, … Read More

A cultura organizacional tem o poder de determinar qual o destino de uma empresa, pois envolve o comprometimento dos colaboradores com a estratégia.

Organizational Culture: Alignment and Engagement

Organizational culture has the power to determine a company’s destiny. It involves the employee’s commitment with the strategy proposed by leaders within the organization. It is a process that involves the effort and satisfaction people demonstrate when carrying out their … Read More

A Inteligência Artificial é a ferramenta ideal para mudar o cenário “analógico”, pois ela tende a reduzir as decisões baseadas em conceitos subjetivos.

Why You Should Invest in Artificial Intelligence Now

The world is going through the 4th Industrial Revolution, a technological evolution that is transforming how people live, work, communicate and interact with each other. This fourth wave points towards total automation of factories, the adoption machines capable of making … Read More

Artificial Intelligence can be an ally in bringing more diversity to the workplace, if well-applied.

Diversity: Is AI Capable of Minimising Discriminatory Bias?

Promoting diversity in the workplace is not only a move to be more inclusive or to be seen as “politically correct”. As several studies have noted, companies that are more diverse also perform better than those that are not. According … Read More