Como diminuir a rotatividade

How to reduce turnover

While turnover will always exist in companies, it can become a problem when the turnover rate is too high. If this is happening in your company, it is important to identify probable causes and act to reverse the situation in … Read More

reduzir custos no recrutamento

How to Reduce the Cost of Hiring Processes

Amongst the many functions of HR departments is conducting efficient hiring processes, and one of the factors these professionals need to keep in mind is the cost of this activity. A badly conducted hiring process, without a clear strategy, can … Read More

Feedback para candidato

Why giving candidates feedback matters

Giving candidates feedback is an extremely important step of hiring processes. The way people are treated and their overall experience during the process plays a major part in whether they will participate in future hiring processes or even if they … Read More

short friday

Short Friday: What is it and how can it benefit your company?

With the changing landscape of the job market, workers are also changing their preferences and priorities. While stability remains an important factor when choosing a place of employment, younger generations value freedom, autonomy, and work-life balance. One of the practices … Read More

RH do Futuro

6 essential skills for HR professionals

If you are an HR professional, you need to follow market trends to stay relevant. This is why HR needs to be future focused. In this article, we will highlight the skills that have become essential to build successful and … Read More

Experiência do candidato

5 Ways to Improve Candidate Experience with Artificial Intelligence

HR is responsible for a myriad of processes within the company, and amongst them is hiring – a challenging task that requires organization and planning. One of the most recents developments in this process is the increased attention given towards … Read More

inteligência artificial no recrutamento

How to use Artificial Intelligence in Hiring Processes

Finding the right candidates for your company is a process of upmost importance, as these professionals will become part of your team and represent your company. Thus, in order to minimize issues in the hiring process, using artificial intelligence to … Read More

6 formas de estimular a inovação no trabalho

6 ways to foster innovation in the workplace

Innovation has been a popular topic in the workplace for quite some time. It has become a key element in solving all kinds of business, career and development issues. The idea is to transform companies’ cultures, fostering innovation at every … Read More

Investir no RH

Why investing in Human Resources is essential

In the past, Human Resources might have been seen as just responsible for office parties and organizing paychecks, but as leaderships realize that people are their most important assets, HR has gained a more strategic seat at the table. As … Read More

Demissão em massa

The Great Reshuffle: what you need to know

What is the Great Resignation, or Great Reshuffle? In 2021, millions of workers choose to leave their jobs amidst the pandemic, and a term coined by Anthony Klotz  -The Great Resignation- started being used to refer to this event. An … Read More