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Our purpose makes us who we are

We want to increase employability exponentially by analyzing all candidates using fair and transparent criteria, and contribute to the technical and behavioral development of employees in the companies we work with. People first!


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One team one dream

Where we came from and where we are heading towards

Our story starts in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in 2017. Two brazilians developed a MVP - Minimum Viable Product, and in the very first trial, blew top global companies out of the water. Soon, our third founder joined, a brazilian already based in Dallas-TX, where our new headquarters would be. With the founders and a small but highly capable tech team, we set out to make a mark. Our rocket took off and we gained the trust of high profile companies in the Americas, starting with Embraer. Through science and technology, we discovered amazing things, specially how numbers can better peoples' work, make company processes more efficient and help applicants with their dream job opportunities. The journey is long, but in it we have found our true purpose and people who believe Artificial Intelligence will positively impact the future of humanity.

Our Mindset

Customer Centric

We believe in putting the customer first. AI is a new technology, specially when we are talking about its uses in HR. Therefore, we make an effort to ensure your journey into this world is transparent, integrative and educational.
As our standard process, we integrate stakeholders from the very start, in the preliminary stages of data collection, to the analysis of results presented by the algorithms. This way, there is a clear understanding of future expectations and the next steps in the AI evolution. Science and technology are here to support and refine human decisions. That's our goal!

The human element

People are what makes a company

With a team made up of professionals with vast academic experience, PhDs and Masters, lead by founders with global experience in Tech and RH, we deliver highly capable AI solutions following strict security and scalability requirements. We have the most modern system infrastructure, tailor made for AI and its sub-areas - machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, partners recognition, NLP. We are proud to say that we make true AI, by people, for people.


Tiago Machado

Chief Executive Officer
MSc in Innovation, Tiago is our executive leadership and responsible for revenue, growth, AI deliverables.

Pedro Lombardo

Chief Product Officer
MBA in Ohio, Pedro leads product initiaves, global partnerships and the North America branch.

Paulo Nascimento

Chief Technology Officer
PHD in Machine Learning, Paulo leads the technology team.

Investors and Partners

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