How to use Artificial Intelligence in Hiring Processes

inteligência artificial no recrutamento

Finding the right candidates for your company is a process of upmost importance, as these professionals will become part of your team and represent your company. Thus, in order to minimize issues in the hiring process, using artificial intelligence to bring more assertiveness and objectivity in decisions is a great option. With the help of AI, hiring can be streamlined, making recruiters lives’ easier and generating better results for your business.

Focusing on innovation, this article will outline what is artificial intelligence and how it can transform your company. We will go over its benefits, how it works and how it can be implemented into your strategy.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a field of study within computer science. The goal is to create systems that can replicate human functions such as learning, analyzing, identifying patterns and so on.

According to a study conducted by Mckinsey in 2020, 50% of the companies surveyed stated that they already use artificial intelligence in some form within the organization.

This illustrates how important AI already is in global companies, as well as the growing trend to invest in this technology to improve decision making within various sectors.

What is the importance of Artificial Intelligence?

While some people may still think of robots when the topic of artificial intelligence comes up, this technology is already integrated into our daily lives, even if we don’t immediately notice it. A small example of this is autocorrect in texts written in cellphones. Besides checking for grammar, they autocomplete phrases and suggest frequently used words. This is a simple application of AI.

Artificial Intelligence can process a large amount of data very quickly, which speeds up decision making and can lessen the probability of errors. Because of these characteristics, it can be applied in a variety of different areas, from health to the financial sector.

Many companies are now implementing AI within Human Resources. Rocketmat, for example, provides personalized algorithms that analyze thousands of CVs in seconds, ranking which candidates are better fit for the role. This allows recruiters to focus on more productive activities, which require more skills and expertise.

How can Artificial Intelligence help your company?

Now that we’ve explained the concept of artificial intelligence and its importance, let’s dive into how this technology can be valuable to companies.

Data is everywhere now, with the digitalization of processes providing companies with accurate information about most of what goes on within the organization. However, in order for this data to actually be valuable, you need to know how to extract the right information from it.

Here is where artificial intelligence comes in: by providing a fast way to process large amounts of data, AI allows companies to identify patterns and improve upon already existing processes. Below are some possible benefits of using artificial intelligence:

  • Identifying better business opportunities;
  • Cost reduction due to automation ;
  • Improving customer experience;
  • Reducing repetitive tasks.

AI and HR: learn how to use the technology efficiently

Let’s explore how artificial intelligence can support hiring processes. This technology can help HR professionals streamline talent acquisition by supporting the more repetitive steps in the process, such as screening CVs.

When looking at the benefits of applying artificial intelligence in hiring processes, we can highlight:

  • Automating repetitive processes;
  • Reduction in time to fill roles;
  • Cost reduction;
  • Improving candidate experience due to a faster process;
  • Real-time results;
  • Bias mitigation;
  • Measuring clear results. 

Rocketmat: artificial intelligence for HR

Rocketmat is an Artificial Intelligence technology company specialized in developing advanced algorithms for HR. We analyze data based on a candidate’s work history, education, performance, as well as their hard and soft skills. Through this proprietary technology, we use the most trusted and cutting edge AI to deliver solutions that support employee hiring and development decisions in the world’s top companies. Contact us to learn more.

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