The most advanced Artificial Intelligence for HR

Intelligent solutions to leverage your results. Personalized algorithms made for each company.

True AI to support your processes every step of the way

We develop efficient, secure and highly scalable resources that adapt to your processes.

Talent Acquisition


Solutions for different stages in the hiring process, striving for the best operational efficiency, from CV analysis to behavioral and technical tests.

Talent Manegement

Talent Management

Highly intelligent resources analyze and suggest the best course of action for training, developing and managing your employees.

Talent Acquisition

Rocket Match

Perfect matching of candidates to job openings. Our solution analyzes CVs, soft and hard skills required for each position and then ranks applicants directly on your ATS platform.

CV Analysis

Algorithms that analyze and screen all applicants. We rank the best candidates directly in your ATS platform, saving your recruiters' time and effort, and allowing them to focus on more strategic activities.

Success Profile

We analyze applicants' soft skills. You can use the behavioral assesment of your choice, or our team of experts can develop a personalized test. Preserving the culture while you scale is the priority.

Talent Acquisition

Rocket Quiz

The perfect platform to perform technical and behavioral test, completely autonomous, responsive, and integrated with our algorithms. Rocket Quiz can be used in different stages of the hiring process and even in the day to day of talent management activities.

Talent Acquisition

Cultural Fit

We develop personalized behavioral assessments for each company. Our algorithms identify the competencies and behaviors needed for success in each team, balancing the company's cultural legacy and the constant evolutions needed for growth.

Talent Engagement


Sofia is our Smart Assistant that interacts with applicants during the hiring process. With machine learning and dynamic language processing, Sofia ensures the best candidate experience and efficiency in the hiring process, updating data and scheduling interviews.


Personalized messages for different stages in the hiring process, focused on CV updates, direct communication and interview scheduling.


We take full advantage of your candidate pool and re-engage applicants for new job opportunities. Through integration with Rocket Match, we can rank the applicants directly in your ATS platform.

Talent Management

Rocket Manager

We connect all the dots in the company to bring more predictability to your daily activities. With tailor-made algorithms for each area in the company, we can predict results and contribute to the decision making process, helping people and teams to excel.


Understand and predict future performance of people and teams.


Identify technical gaps and implement training plans to develop your employees.


Monitor and predict turnover in an objective and intelligent way.


All algorithms are custom made for you, based on your needs and available data.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions you might have regarding our AI solutions.

First, you need to have an ATS (Applicant tracking system), or a screening system that organizes all stages of the hiring process. That’s how we can get the data we need to create the algorithms, and we deliver the results directly into these systems as well.

We thrive to make your process more efficient without disrupting your workflow.  That’s why we can integrate to your current ATS system and deliver results directly in the tools you already use.

Yes, with Rocket Match you can analyze and rank thousands of CVs in a matter of seconds. 

Rocketmat is in compliance with data protection laws in all countries it works in. All of the candidates’ and employees’ data is anonymized and encrypted, preserving the integrity of all those involved.

We do not use sensitive data, such as gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political and religious views or any other data that could introduce bias in the algorithm. We also use tools to measure and mitigate bias in skewed data sets. 

Machine learning usually requires a large amount of data. However, we developed our own technology that can learn from a smaller data set and make ajustments as the hiring process progresses.

We are a SaaS (Software as Service). We charge a fixed setup rate according to the solution the client requires. After the solution is implemented, there is a monthly subscription of the services that were contracted.

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