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    Analyze thousands of candidates within seconds to find the best match for your company. Never lose the right candidate again.

We are an Artificial Intelligence technology company specialized in developing advanced algorithms for HR. We analyze data based on a candidate’s work history, education, performance, as well as their hard and soft skills. Through this proprietary technology, we use the most trusted and cutting edge AI to deliver solutions that support employee hiring and development decisions in the world’s top companies.

Trusted by global companies

We work with market-leading companies by offering highly relevant scientific and technological solutions.

Proven results with Rocketmat


Reduction in screening time, especially with job openings that receive a high number of applicants.


Accuracy in matching the best candidates to the job.


Reduction in time-to-fill.

Empower your HR team with true AI

Your team's performance is boosted with our cutting-edge technology

Make every recruiter a top performer

Rocketmatch captures the decision-making expertise that led to great hires in your company and makes it accessible in one click.

Hire the right candidate in less time

Let AI do the shortlisting from your entire population of applicants, so that your team can respond and engage with the best candidates, hire the right person and fill roles faster

Preserve culture as you scale

Rocketmatch ensures you build on past hiring successes and avoid hiring candidates that are likely to underperform or leave because of misalignment with your unique culture.

Ensure growth and expansion

Analyze thousands of applicants in real time, ensuring maximum operational efficiency and scalability for your company.

Make better decisions

Resources with high analytical capacity bring more predictability to all HR processes, from hiring to talent management.

Work towards diversity and inclusion

All candidates are analyzed in a fair process, taking into account only skills and competencies, what really matters in hiring.

Embedded technology

Explore new possibilities

Using Rocketmat's AI lab embedded technology to explore new solutions in HR for your B2B hiring products.

Diversity and Bias Mitigation

A new perspective

AI can give a new perspective on what makes employees successful and mitigate bias in sensitive phases of the hiring process. Analyzing what really matters in a professional.

How does it work?

By collecting your company's data we are able to create personalized algorithms for each business, ensuring the best results and maximizing security and compliance to GDPR.

Machine Learning

We analyze the company's historical data to model algorithms according to the company's needs (CV analysis, assessments, technical tests).


Whether you’re running Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Bullhorn, GreenHouse or any other platform, we can rank best-fit candidates right inside your ATS - with no interruption to your workflow.


We implement best practices to ensure our technology is in compliance to the highest security standards.

"Rocketmat's AI is present in three stages of our process. The first phase is integrated with our ATS, allowing us to find the best candidates. It is also present in the training process, and finally, it brings us valuable data intelligence."
Daniel Spolaor
HR Director of Ambev


In less than 1 minute you can learn more about Rocketmat and our solutions.

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