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Elevate Talent Acquisition with AI designed for you.

Boost your selection process efficiently, swiftly, and securely.

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Unlock the Power of AI, trained just for You. Our AI Solutions for Recruitment and Selection are supporting Worldwide Companies. Trusted by Global Enterprises to streamline processes and attract top talent for their teams.

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Utilizing advanced AI technology to discover, assess, and select talent.

Since 2017, we have been operating globally, developing Artificial Intelligence solutions for HR. Our mission is to serve as an employability accelerator, and we have developed our own technology to cater to the unique needs of companies, delivering the latest and most secure solutions to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy in recruitment and selection processes. With a bias-free approach in our methodology, we are the only tool in the world capable of individually analyzing candidates in a selection process.

optimize the performance of your hiring software

Rank the best candidates with AI customized for you

Empower your recruitment process with our tailored AI, which efficiently conducts impartial candidate assessments. We train a model exclusive for your organization that brings the benefits of speed and security by receiving automated rankings directly within your recruitment software, ensuring a fair, discrimination-free assessment process. We can recycle your talent pool, reducing the need to attract new talent.


Empowering Candidates: Al-Powered Job Vacancy Matching

Our state-of-the-art AI technology empowers candidates to actively discover job vacancies that best match their skills and preferences before they apply. Through our skill-based engine, this not only enhances their ability to make informed decisions but also enriches the overall selection process, significantly boosting the potential for successful matches and elevating the experience for all involved.

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API as a Service 100% integrated with your recruiting software

Boost efficiency and precision using our all-encompassing white-label AI Solution seamlessly integrated into your ATS/CRM. Rocketmat's proprietary Generative AI engine effortlessly connects with your systems through an API, providing real-time process data and delivering invaluable talent selection services.

What our customers have to say about us.​

Recognized Efficiency​

Rocketmat's AI is present in three stages of our process. The first phase is integrated with our ATS, allowing us to find the best candidates. It is also present in the training process, and finally, it brings us valuable data intelligence.
Daniel Spoalor
Ex- HR Director at Ambev
Adopting Rocketmat's technology brought us unprecedented agility and operational efficiency. Thanks to their support, we successfully onboarded over 1400 new hires in under 14 days in the fight against to Covid during the Pandemic season.
Taíse Miranda
HR Coordinator at Albert Einstein Hospital
Incorporating AI into our recruitment process has been a game-changing move. We now consistently, swiftly, and efficiently identify exceptional candidates within our recruiting software without changing our selection process.
Lilian Bortesi
BRF Manager

Proven results

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions have a demonstrable history of significantly enhancing the efficiency of the recruitment and selection process, thereby delivering more robust performance metrics for organizations.

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Time Reduction
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Cost Reduction
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Success Index
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The mean decrease in candidate screening duration.

Among those chosen, they ranked within the top 10 on the shortlist.

We successfully accomplished a decrease in recruitment expenditures.

Mean performance analysis of candidates evaluated per job opening.

Mean employee retention rate assessed using AI analysis.

Enhanced satisfaction for candidates throughout the selection process.

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